For Sale By Owner

Deciding if you should sell your home alone? That's not uncommon, technically all homes are for sale by owner. The owner holds the title, and it is the owner who decides to put the home on the market. A home for sale is showcased by either an unrepresented seller or an agent who represents and advises the seller while marketing their home.

While many so many homeowners through out Lane County prefer to sell their house with the assistance of the Turning Point Realty Group, some owners prefer to proceed with the affair themselves. Selling a home is a lengthy, complex process. Following the steps below are crucial for your home to succeed.

Step 1: Familiarizing yourself with basic real estate regulations and contracts.

Step 2: Pricing your home.

Step 3: Advertising.

Step 4: Qualifying a buyer.

Step 5: Coordinate the details of a closing.

Any questions? Contact us anytime. With over 20 years of combined real estate experience, we are confident we will give you the answers and guidance you will need if continuing sell your home alone.

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