Sellers Guide

When selling a home, our goal as a full-service real estate agency is to drive our clients real estate outcomes by providing them with best-in-class management, marketing, legal services, and everything in between. Below are the basic steps we take to achieve the results our clients deserve.

Step 1: Price your home.

Pricing your home is one of the most important step.s when selling. Many factors need to by evaluated to price a home accurately; sales of near by homes, pricing of listings similar to yours, the condition of the home, and so much more. When pricing your home we will review the comparable market analysis we have prepared to determine what your home is worth and why.

Step 2: Enhancing your home's visual appeal. 

There is a lot of prep work one must do to assure the marketing and showcasing of your home goes smoothly. Together we will go through your home with a fault-finding mentality looking for cosmetic problems and functional repairs that may need to be made.

Step 3: Marketing your home.

Creating a marketing plan for your home is crucial to attract the right buyer. We pride ourselves on incorporating the latest marketing developments and trends to help drive our clients' results. 70% of home buyers use the internet as their main searching tool, we leverage this to the maximum (along with a few more strategies) to put your home in the necessary position to sell at the price that we know it is worth.

Step 4: Showing your home.

When selling your home it is important to understand your competition. With several hundreds of new listings a month, making your home stand out is a must. The most effective way to do this is by competing on the condition of your home. When it comes to advertising, we have discovered homes with non-existent repair bills convert a lot better than those that need some maintenance.

Step 5: Purchase and Sale agreement.

Once an offer has been agreed on, both parties will sign a the Purchase and Sale Agreement that we will create specifically for this deal. Signing of the document locks in the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Step 6: Home inspection.

Inspection time! Now that we have reached mutual acceptance with the buyer an inspector must be hired. The inspector will check the functionality and current condition of the house, from here the buyer may or may not try to negotiate the price we have agreed on.

Step 7: Closing

The final offer has been accepted and the closing date is agree upon. During the closing meeting, the seller will sign certain documents to transfer the ownership of the property. From there the buyer will sign the documents related to their mortgage agreement and ownership of the property.

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